National Event / Virtual



12:00pm - 12:20pm

12:20pm - 12:50pm

A partner company of Code for Change will take a 30 minutes space to deliver a keynote on a relevant topic.

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12:50pm - 01:35pm

We will be bringing a prominent speaker from the sector of Technology and Social Sector to deliver very strong powertalk session

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01:35pm - 01:55pm

In this space, someone from Startup sector will deliver a 20 minutes session on entrepreneurship.

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01:55pm - 02:55pm

This is a space where three different session will run parallelly. The participants can choose which session they would want to attend in the registration form.

Parallel Sessions

02:55pm - 03:10pm

Closing and Delegate Engagement Space

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Our Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Bhesh Raj Pokhrel
CEO/Principal, Texas College
Title: "Current Reality of Education Systerm in Nepal"
Sixit Bhatta
CEO/Co-founder, Tootle
Title: "IT Market in Nepal"
Rajan Koirala
Chief Business officer, Edusanjal
Title: "Youth and Business"

PowerTalk Speakers

Bishnu Karki
Business Director, Merojob
Title: "Future of IT, Jobs and Innovation in Nepal"
Nawaraj Kunwar
President, CAN Federation
Title: "Status Quo of Technology in Nepal"

Panel Discussion: Panelists

Title: "Effects of COVID-19 on Education System, IT industry and Abroad Studies."

Nawaraj Poudel
Head of Central Department of CSIT, TU
Andrew Poudel
Director, Grace International
Ghanshyam Khanal
Co-founder, Pick N Drop
Shankar Prasad Sharma
CEO/Principal, AADIM College

Entrepreneurship Space Speakers

Mohammed Naved
Project/Product Manager, Jeevee Health
Title: "COVID-19 and Entrepreneurship"
Rohit Tiwari
CEO, Foodmario
Title: "Life of a Tech Entrepreneur"
Nikita Acharya
CEO, Urban Girls
Title: "Women in Startup"

Speakers Session

Chandra Prakash Khanal
Campus Chief, Ambikeshwari Campus, Dang
Title: "Localized vs Decentralized Education System"
Rajan Lamsal
CEO, Living with ICT
Title: "ICT in relation to our Daily Lives"
Ridesh Rai
Trainer, LABA Nepal
Title: "Cyber Security in Nepal"
Surya GC
Campus Chief, MAC College, Pokhara
Title: "Needs and pains of Students Today"