We are a movement of
We thrive to help young minds who want to develop their skills in the technical field.
Not only we are limited to the tech community, but also we work to impact our society.
“Code for Change” is a not-for-profit organization formed in collaboration with students from various colleges around the country with the aim of bringing IT students and industry professionals together. We believe that the students should be provided with relevant skills to prepare them for their careers. Realizing this fact, we have initiated "Code for Change" to provide a platform and opportunities for them. In the past five years, we have conducted nationwide hackathons, workshops, and training programs targeting IT students.

Our Objectives

  • To give students knowledge of real-world IT experts.
  • To encourage and provide exposure to IT students in the field of Information Technology.
  • To work as a bridge between the IT industry and IT students.
  • To motivate students to pursue their career in the IT field.
  • To prepare the students for professional work.
Our Vision
"To be Nepal's largest platform for students pursuing technology."
Our Mission
"To engage students in the problem solving process while empowering personal and IT driven professional skills through networking and exposure.”

Our Values

We are guided by self-respect and responsibility among team members.
We take integrity as a unity and virtue. It is vital to have integrity.
We see opportunities in every problem and consider that nothing is impossible.
We strive to put 100 percent effort in bringing excellence in our actions and work.
Code for Change has a broader purpose of its vision, mission, and values. CFC tries to guide the youths through several developmental stages so that they can acquire attitudes, knowledge, skills, competencies, values, and professionalism to become successful adults. CFC works to educate the youths and help them enter the domain of IT, then we guide the youth towards a professional career.
phase-I image Creating awarenesss of Technology

Target Audience:
School students, +2 Students, General Public of Nepal

National Social Impact Events for Awareness about the proper use of technology. To steer the citizens of Nepal towards being more tech-friendly for the benefit of themselves, the government, the employment sector and as a whole the entire nation.

phase-I imageEntering into the domain of Technology

Target Audience:
+2 Graduates

CFC Entrance Preparation Book, Mock Tests and Consultancy spaces for authentic source of information, to provide practical and interactive learning experience and for a proper guidance to make the right decision for the students bachelor degree.

phase-I imagePersonal and Professional development in CFC

Target Audience:
Bachelor Students in the field of Technology

Workshops, events, training sessions, national networking and collaborations and practical learning experiences to develop personal and professional skills for students to make them equipped with everything required to excel in today's market.

phase-I imageProfessional Career Phase

Target Audience:
Bachelor Students and graduates

Placement Opportunities to students in our network in different companies for the security of their future career.


CFC Product
In this way CFC prepares an eligible manpower for the digital Nepal.