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Code for Change Successfully Conducted Social Impact Event “Avail of the Internet”

Code for Change successfully completed the Social Impact Event 2021 “Avail of the Internet” in 5 different provinces of Nepal. The event was conducted at Birgunj in Province II, at Kathmandu in Province III, at Pokhara in Province IV, at Butwal in Province V, and at Surkhet in Province VI. An hour-long session on “Avail of the Internet” was delivered to the students from 46 different schools in all those provinces by the Code for Change team in the month of March and April. “Code for Change” is a project initiated by “Youth in Social Change,” a non-profit organization, in collaboration with the students from various colleges around the country with an aim to bring the IT students and industry professionals together. Code for Change has been working for around 3 years in the sector of IT, and in the context of the Social Impact Event, in the year 2019 event titled “Social Media Security” was conducted in 5 different cities of Nepal (Kathmandu, Pokhara, Butwal, Chitwan ad Dang) among 12000 students of +2 level. Giving continuity to this event this year Code for Change conducted the Social Impact Event 2021. Since technology has become an inseparable part of our daily lives, and moreover, for the students, online learning has become the essence of the hour. While accessing modern technologies and the internet there are both positive and negative aspects associated with them, which the young students should be conscious of. Thus, the Code for Change team delivered an interactive and informative presentation on making the best out of the Internet for students. The event mainly focused on imparting knowledge regarding technology and online learning as well as making students aware of the misuse and impact of the same. Along with this, the session was designed to make students conscious about the aspects like freelancing, cybersecurity and cybercrimes, gamification, and eBooks. The partners of Code for Change who have helped to organize this event are Texas International College (as Education partner), Samriddhi College (as Knowledge Partner), Nagarjuna College (as College Partner), St. Lawrence College (as College Partner), Asterdio Inc. (as IT Company Partner), UG Bazaar (as e-commerce partner), eSewa (Payment Partner), Hosting Sewa (as Hosting Partner), Suga Inc. (Branding Partner), Living with ICT (as Media Partner), Voice of Students (as Online Partner), ICT Frame (News partner), OneCover (as IT Security partner), Institute of Information Technology (IIT) Nepal (as IT Training Partner), Doerssoft (as Tech Partner) and Swastik Hub Educational Consultancy (Abroad Study Partner).



May 21, 2021, 6:18 a.m.