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'Learn to Code, Learn for Security'' OVERVIEW: Nepal being slowly and gradually exposed to the Internet and Cyber Security Breaches have seen observable impact among the youths and the generation exposed to Social Media and other Internet facilities. Youths are being seen facing mental depressive state due to violence involving Social Media including Blackmailing ; Phishing ; Harassment and Cyber Crimes which are increasing day by day in large scale. Most recent survey have shown that more than 1200 people have already killed themselves during the Lockdown for COVID-19 control and Social Media and Cyber Crimes are one of those factors behind such pitiful stats. The expectation of being famous in Social Media, Virtual Relationships, Mental effect and all shots of problem prevailing in our country is somewhere preventing the growth of Safe and Secure use of Internet. Prior to this and with the motive of taking a step to aware youths and other users the ways to keep them themselves form all the shorts of problem prevailing in Web Security , Social Media Security or Regarding the Career and Mental Condition in relation to Cyber Security and Cyber Space' ; Oxford STEM Club in Association with Code for Change and Semicolon Tec organized a '3 Days Webinar On Cyber Security And Cyber Space' from 28th to 30th of June 2020 including 1.5 hrs of training session each Day on different topics related to Cyber Security And Cyber Space. What was the motive of this Webinar? This webinar was intended to target , attract , educate and empower our youth as well as older generations to make them self capable to secure own data over internet and have sufficient knowledge regarding the security issues of cyber space including web and social media and effective measures to solve them. Nevertheless the Webinar was intended to deliver the message regarding the rising mental health issue , its link with cyber security and also the scope and career . With no doubts all these topics are the one our generation as well as the generation in link with Internet and Cyber Space should know. How was the Webinar Conducted? This webinar was conducted in 3 days with 3 different but interrelated topics from 28th of June to 30 th of June 2020 from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm via google meet. Participants were asked to fill the registration form to get them eligible to join the webinar. SESSION PATTERN AT A GLANCE : Day 1: 28th June on Web Security by Mr. Shivu Pandey ; Co-founder of Semi Colon Tec. Session Content: This session included introduction to the base web surfing , the methods to secure our websites and basic knowledge on how the data's and information go through the internet and how they are accessed by the Hackers and Condition of Web Security in Nepal. Day 2: 29th June on Social Media Security by Mr. Suman Gaihre ; core member of Code for Change) Session Content: This session by Mr. Suman Gaihre included Introduction to the Social Media , User Statistics and Current Trend in Social-Media , Discussion on Negative Impacts of Social Media , Crime Associated with it and the ways to Deal with Crisis on Social Media . More discussion was made on descent use of Social Media for Students , Glance at Crime rate and Incidents , Provision of Nepalese Law , Handling Social Media Related Cases and safety on Social Media. Day 3 Mental Health and Career in Cyber Security by Mr. Shivu Pandey ; Co-founder of semi colon tec. Session Content: This session by Mr. Shivu Pandey was on relation of Mental Health with Cyber Security, Effect of Social Media and Internet on youths , Evaluation of career scopes in Cyber Security, Discussion on Ethical Hacking and Overall relation of Mental Health and Career with Cyber Security . Whom was the training session of the Webinar given By? The webinar and training sessions were assisted by our chief resource persons from Code for Change and Semicolon Tec ; Mr. Suman Ghaire and Mr. Shivu Pandey respectively. How many people did this Webinar reach? This webinar was overwhelmed by the response of the Participants since the first day of Registration with more than 425 responses from all over the Nepal as well as some South Asian Countries. The Webinar itself saw a massive participation among the registered participants .There was accumulated participation of 570+ participants in the overall sessions of Day 1 , Day 2 and ,Day 3 with respective peak participants of 208 ,182 and 197 . What did this Webinar offer to the participants? This 3 Days Webinar had a lot to offer to the Participants along with the interactive and informative session . The participants were not just allowed to clear their doubts on the Topic related confusions but we're also provided with interactive means to communicate with each other and improvise their skills. The Live Quiz Contest among the participants had offered the top 3 winners to win 16 GB pen drive and Cup sponsored by Grace International. The participants were also awarded with certified Certificate of Participation to recognize their effort and time . Was This Webinar Be Able to Deliver As Promised ? The overall reviews from the participants of the sessions of this ' Webinar On Cyber Security And Cyber Space' have enchanted the organizers and associates with confidence and hope for better delivery and effectiveness in their future events with motive of 'Make Everyone Learn With Fun'.The reviews from the participants as well as from the feedback form submitted by the participants have been greatly motivating and positive towards the event. Almost all the participants of this Webinar have been claiming the Webinar to have been able to deliver as expected and promised by the Organizers.



July 1, 2020, 12:54 p.m.