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Career Counseling
Google Meet
Start date: June 10, 2021
End date:

Many IT students/professionals generally have a feeling, that as a computer science or IT student their job can be only programming, but programming is a tool for proposing the solution to a problem. Primarily what is required is to solve the problem. The problems may be of any kind related to security, data storage & retrieval, sharing of data anywhere in right time and in right format, Mining the the huge amount of data useful for making decisions and giving intelligence to Businesses.

Regarding the same context Oxford STEM Club along with Code for Change and Semicolon Tec is bringing you the opportunity to learn and explore those questions and make yourself aquatinted with everything Umm need to know regarding carrier counseling on Information technology (IT)

Career Counselling & Planning is an critical element for figuring out the real potential and guiding students in the direction of a proper career path. Students want to recognize the significance of profession training and right steering earlier than they may be going to choose an educational stream after taking the board checks. Career Guidance, Planning & Counselling may be useful choosing a profession intention, making plans and give a path to students for a better destiny ahead. After the completion of the webinar, one will be get some knowledge about the carrier concealing on IT

We look forward to your effective and interactive participation.

📌 Webinar Outline
* Graphics design
* Artificial intelligence (AI)
* Digital marketing

📌Webinar and Session Pattern:
From : 10th to 12th June ;2021
Time: 5 pm to 7 pm (Sharp)

Day 1: 10th June ,graphics design
Day 2: 11th June , Artificial intelligence (AI)
Day 3 - 12th June , Digital marketing