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Introduction to Python
Google Meet
Start date: June 10, 2021
End date: June 12, 2021

Python is one of the languages that is witnessing incredible growth and popularity year by year. In 2017, Stackoverflow calculated that python would beat all other programming languages, as it has become the fastest-growing programming language in the world. It is also considered one of the best programming languages for machine learning.

Introducing the trainer for the webinar: Mr. Anuraj regmmi is a Software Engineer at Aayulogic Pvt. Ltd
Regmmi is a Software Engineer with 3+ years of experience in back-end development. Well-versed in numerous programming languages including Python, JavaScript, CSS, PostgreSQL, and frameworks such as Django, Django Rest Framework, Bootstrap, VueJs. And also an open-source enthusiast and member of Nepal Open Source Klub (NOSK) currently he is working as a software engineer at Aayulogic Pvt. Ltd.